Welcome to the employment program: the Discovery process

Individuals coming into our employment program participate in the creation of a document called a Discovery, which gives our employment specialists the details necessary to place them in a job that will be right for them.

The discovery document is a detailed profile of an individual that can be used to match them with appropriate work opportunities. This document describes a person’s strengths, interests, and values, their previous experience with work and volunteering, and other relevant background information. It also contains details of a person’s disabilities in order to accurately assess their barriers, support needs, capabilities and limitations, and any safety concerns.

We take the discovery process very seriously. It usually takes anywhere from 1 to 3 months to complete. It involves direct interviews with the individual and information pulled from assessments. Whenever possible we try to include input from family and friends, and to observe individuals in their volunteer positions and in their communities. We try to keep this process as transparent as possible, so the individual always has the chance to review the final document before it is submitted.

The final result is an in-depth profile of a job seeker which aids our employment specialists in finding the best possible position that can be customized to the individual.


We strive to match individuals with jobs that work well for them, based on our understanding of their strengths, interests, and goals for the future. A lot of this information is captured in the Discovery document. Sometimes, though, the Discovery alone isn’t enough to give someone a real idea of what they would like to do – especially if they have not had much opportunity previously to try different things and explore their interests in a work-type setting. In these cases, we have a variety of “next steps” available to help individuals further explore their options:

  • A weekly employment workshop that covers a wide variety of employment readiness skills and topics.
  • Assistance with conducting hands-on activities such as career cruising and informational interviews.
  • One-on-one individualized support with the job search.
  • Goal setting and career counseling.



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