Social Media and You: How your social media presence may impact your job prospects

Throughout the hiring process, many employers use social media as a tool for screening potential job candidates. During your job search, it’s important to be aware of what your social media presence says about you to potential employers.

It’s important to always try to maintain a professional online presence. Use privacy settings to limit what others can see on your social media pages. Google yourself regularly and assess the results. Do they reflect the image you would like to present to employers? Facebook, Twitter and personal blog sites should all be monitored closely and inappropriate content hidden or removed.

Some things that can hurt your chances of getting hired if seen on your social media page by a prospective employer:

Photos or mentions of your use of illicit drugs

Photos of you consuming alcohol

Content that demonstrates racist or sexist views

Sexually explicit content


Anything related to illegal behaviour

Violent content, including posts on guns

Harassment, bullying, or badmouthing others (especially former employers)

Poor spelling and grammar


Social media can be an excellent networking platform during your job search if used correctly. Employers may view your social media profiles to confirm whether you will be a good fit for the company culture, or to find evidence that backs up your skills and qualifications. Create a LinkedIn profile showcasing your accomplishments. Put some effort into making your online presence professional and positive, and your chances of being hired will increase.



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