What does volunteering mean to you?

Yesterday, our Employment Skills Workshop group finished their public speaking unit. They each gave a short presentation to their classmates about their experiences with volunteer work.

Everyone did a fantastic job! Check out some of the highlights below.


Amanda shared with us about her position volunteering at Sanctuary Youth Centre, an experience that she describes as very rewarding.


“This job always left me feeling complete. Knowing that the youth left happy, with full bellies… was enough for me.” 


Brent absolutely loves volunteering at the Ashton Armoury Museum, and shared his enthusiasm and passion with us. 


“I feel that working hands-on brings a sense of happiness and pride. It makes me feel tired – in a good way.”


Eric, who currently volunteers as a courier for Lifetime Networks, talked about his past experience volunteering in a library. He said it made him feel useful, and taught him some great life lessons.


“It helped me realize that no matter the person, we all can find something to contribute back to society… it has also helped me realize that taking those few moments to help make someone’s day easier can also end up rewarding you in ways you would never have foreseen or thought possible.” 


Great Work, Everyone!


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