Roll for Initiative: Update


Congratulations to Brandon, who has taken the exciting step of officially licensing his business, “Brandon Campbell-Moore’s Roll for Initiative.”

We have featured Brandon on our blog before, and we wanted to share this exciting update! Brandon hosts monthly Dungeons and Dragons gaming events, where players can pay a small fee to come and join in the game.

Lifetime Networks is happy to partner with Brandon to allow him to host his events in our space. In return, Brandon volunteers in our Ambassador program, and helps to represent Lifetime Networks in the community.

Starting next month, Brandon is expanding his event to include an additional weekend event each month! That means there are now three chances – one Monday and two Saturdays – to come and play Dungeons and Dragons each month.

To purchase tickets for upcoming events, go to or talk to Brandon! New players are always welcome!

Job Fair November 2, 2016

Only two weeks until the next big WorkBC Job Fair in Victoria!

Hosted by GT Hiring Solutions, the job fair will take place on Wednesday, November 2 at the Central Baptist Church in downtown Victoria.

Come on down between 10 am and 2 pm to meet with over 50 employers who will be onsite and looking to hire!

This year, Lifetime Networks will be running the coat check at this event. Check your coats and umbrellas with our hard working and dedicated job seekers when you arrive, leaving your arms free to carry resumes and shake hands with employers!
Coat check by donation.

Planning on attending? Follow this link to get your free priority pass and bypass those lineups!

Remember to dress in your interview best! Bring copies of your resume and be prepared to chat with employers on the spot. Speak clearly, make eye contact, and smile, and you will be sure to leave a lasting good impression!

From Participant to Employee: Philip’s Progress through LNV

Philip poses for a photo at the Lifetime Networks Ice Cream Social;  Philip’s roles at LNV include participant, volunteer, and employee. 

Polite, soft-spoken, and keenly intelligent, Philip has dipped his toes in many academic waters, from maths and sciences to computer programming to music. For the past year he has been enrolled in an accounting program through Camosun College. Philip likes the objective nature of accounting, and enjoys finding answers to problems. However, he is not sure that accounting is really where his passion lies. Philip’s main interests seem to revolve around teaching.

Philip has been involved in the employment program at Lifetime Networks for several years. He initially began as a program participant pursuing self-employment opportunities. Working in part with EntreActive, an entrepreneurship program for people with disabilities, he developed an idea for an interactive teaching website, where students and others could go to learn and practice advanced mathematics. Although he was able to learn the necessary computer programming skills, Philip felt that he did not have the qualifications required to teach the very advanced math lessons that his website was meant to support.

His plans for entrepreneurship were put on hold, but Philip continued to be a part of the employment program at Lifetime Networks. Never an average participant, Philip has often volunteered his expertise in various programs, proving himself to be a valuable asset to the organization. He has taught math skills to the Being a Citizen classes, and has assisted in the employment program as a mentor to other participants as well as an assistant facilitator, standing in for the regular facilitators to run workshops when needed.

Recently, Philip was formally hired by Lifetime Networks as a Community Support Worker to provide mathematics tutoring to an individual who is working to complete his GED. So far, Philip has shown great aptitude in this role, impressing his supervisor with his research into different teaching approaches for memory retention in a way that truly reflects LNV’s commitment to a person-centred approach. Philip reflects that some of the administrative tasks of his role – keeping track of emails and schedules – have been difficult at times, but overall finds the position rewarding. He enjoys seeing the daily progression of the individual he supports. When asked what he likes best about his work as a CSW, he did not hesitate to answer: “When [the student] got his mark back from his exam, and he did well. That was the best part.”

Philip has not given up on his dream of starting his own website. His next step might be to work on increasing his math skills with some more advanced mathematics classes. In the meantime, he has found more tutoring positions coming his way, including a summer position teaching a young boy with a developmental disability. Philip hopes that his unique perspective as a person with a disability will allow him to connect with his clients in a way that other tutors have not been able to achieve.

Meet Jeff: the helper

One of our job seekers, Jeff, presented the following speech about volunteer work in our employment skills workshop last week:


Hello. My name is Jeff, and I am a helper.

As a helper, I like to find ways to help people who need it.

My favorite volunteer experiences are the ones where I can do things that are useful.


Recently I was asked to help out around Lifetime Networks by organizing the art supplies on Tuesdays before the employment workshop.

This makes the space nicer for everyone to use. It is cleaner, and art supplies are easier to find.

I agreed to do this because I like to be helpful around the Lifetime Networks office.

I also agreed because I enjoy sorting and organizing things.

In the past I have volunteered at a thrift store doing sorting.

I found it hard to sort the clothing, but I really enjoyed sorting the other items.

It was fun to see all the different things that got donated.


I have also done a lot of volunteering in Being a Citizen.

One of my favorite jobs was getting rid of blackberry.

Blackberry is a really invasive species.

It grows everywhere and doesn’t leave room for other plants to grow.

It feels good to help remove it, because it is bad for the environment.

Although the berries are delicious!


For me, volunteering is a great way to get work experience.

It is also a good way to meet new people.

But the main thing I like about volunteering is getting to be helpful.

If you are looking for experience or trying to find a job, I suggest you try volunteering.


The art supply closet that Jeff helps to keep organized at Lifetime Networks
Jeff always stops to help – no matter how small the job!