Face-To-Face: LNV job seekers given a chance to practice their interview skills.

Yesterday, two of our job seekers attended the Face-to-Face event hosted by GT Hiring and Garth Homer Society. This was a fantastic event that allowed job seekers to connect with real employers to practice their interview skills.

Sarah and Karen both attended and had practice interviews with three employers each. They were able to receive feedback from each employer following the interview. Interviewers were very impressed by Sarah’s excellent eye contact during her practice interviews. And Karen blew her interviewers away with her positive, eager personality.

Some of the great tips that came out of the event included:

  1. Dress for success – always show up to an interview in proper interview clothing, and be sure to practice good hygiene!
  2. Watch your  body language – one comment that kept coming up during feedback from employers was to make sure you were making eye contact! Good, attentive posture and a handshake are important for making a good impression.
  3. Bring an extra copy of your resume – although these were not real interviews, job seekers were still encouraged to bring copies of their resumes. If the employer asks to see your resume, you want to have a copy ready to hand them.
  4. Rehearse your answers until you are bored of them – This advice came from CLBC facilitator Patrick Jobe, who emphasized the importance of preparation. You can never be too rehearsed for an interview. Practice your answers to some common questions, and keep practicing until your responses become second nature to you.
  5. Be confident – This is perhaps the most important piece of advice for job seekers approaching interviews. If you present yourself confidently, the employer is going to have more confidence in you!

Remember, everyone gets nervous, and that’s okay! Don’t let it stop you from getting out there and rocking that interview!

Karen and Sarah are all smiles at the Face-To-Face event.

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