Don’t give up on your job search, especially during the holidays!

Many people look at the holidays as a slow hiring season; Things get busy, seasonal positions have been filled, and no one has time to spend on hiring. Because of this, many job seekers take a break from job searching over the holiday season. Don’t fall into this trap! Job searching is a full time job, and taking time off for the holidays can be a big set-back. Instead, use this time to get ahead!

Here are some reasons to continue your job search all through the holidays season:

  1. Other job seekers are taking time off. This means less competition for you! Fewer resumes in the pile means a better chance for you to stand out from the crowd. Take advantage of this time that other job seekers are using as a holiday break and get yourself out there!
  2. Some people actually quit their jobs this time of year, thinking they will take time off and then start fresh in the new year. Their loss is your gain! When these vacancies open up, make sure your resume is ready and waiting on the hiring managers desk.
  3. Large companies may be scrambling to use their leftover hiring budgets before the end of the year. This means hiring for as many positions as possible before the holidays are over.
  4. Some hiring managers might be trying to tie up loose ends before the new year. This means filling any vacant positions before the end of the year. This also means that hiring managers may be easier to get a hold of at this time of year. They already have to make themselves available for any seasonal hiring that is happening. They could be more likely to take your call this time of year.
  5. Don’t discount seasonal positions! These temporary jobs can be your way in to a more permanent position. If you impress people with your fabulous work ethic and skills in a seasonal position, you will greatly increase your chances of being brought on for a permanent position when one becomes available.
  6. Take advantage of people’s “holiday cheer”! Let’s face it – many people tend to be kinder and more cheerful around the holidays. Use this to your advantage! Employers who are possessed  by that jolly holiday spirit may have a harder time saying no when you are asking for that interview.
  7. NETWORKING!!! I cannot stress this enough. Networking is such a crucial part of your job search. Finding a job can be as much about who you know as what you know. ‘Tis the season of holiday parties, so hit up all the office, family, and community events you can! You never know who might end up throwing you a lead. Talk to people about your job search, ask questions, and build personal connections. Just make sure to dress professionally, and avoid over-indulging in alcohol.

Good Luck!


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