Wondering what our Employment Program is all about? Read this!

Our employment program is here to help individuals work on their employability skills and find valued, paid work in their communities. We have two main program streams to allow us to work with individuals at all levels of employment readiness.

Customized Employment Services are for individuals facing barriers to finding or keeping employment. Individuals accepted into this program have already reached a certain level of job readiness, and are ready to jump into the work force. We work through an intensive Discovery process with individuals to identify their strengths, abilities, and barriers. Once this is complete, our employment facilitator works with the individual to identify possible employment opportunities in the community, and to help customize or carve out a position that will best utilize the strengths of the individual. Once a job is found, the individual is provided with a job coach to assist with on-site training and support.

For individuals who are exploring the idea of employment for the first time, or who need a little extra help to work towards their employment goals, we offer a full day employment workshop. This Friday workshop focuses on teaching basic employment-related skills in a facilitated classroom environment. For some individuals, this can be a stepping-stone to prepare for Customised Employment Services. Half of the day is lesson-based, covering topics ranging from budgeting, to resume writing, to social skills. The other half of the day is goal focused. The instructors work with each individual to identify and progress towards their goals, which could include finding volunteer opportunities, building personal networks, or learning and practicing specific skills.

If you are interested in learning more about employment, contact Lyndsey at lyndsey@Lnv.ca


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