Employer Appreciation: recognizing inclusive employers in our community

Last Wednesday, Lifetime Networks and 7 other agencies gathered to appreciate some exemplary local businesses. Employers were invited for drinks and appetizers at the Cedar Hill Golf Course, and were presented with certificates recognizing their commitment to inclusive hiring practices.

Lifetime Networks also provided entertainment for the event, with some individuals from the DeviAnts Theatre Group performing a few original songs to liven up the evening. They were a hit, and the entire event was a huge success!

Specifically, Lifetime Networks recognized three businesses at this event. We were pleased to present certificates to McDonald’s (Millstream Village location), Schneider Electric, and Adriana’s The Whole Enchilada. Read more about these fantastic employers below.



Employer Appreciation McDonalds
From Left: Krysta (McDonalds), Lyndsey (Lifetime Networks), Robin (McDonalds)

Mcdonald’s recently hired a participant through Lifetime Networks to work in their lobby, cleaning and assisting customers. This individual is always cheerful and eager to help out, bringing up the moral of the entire team that she works with. The customers love her, and so do her employers. It’s a great fit!


Employer Appreciation Schneider Electric
Lynn Brown (left) and Steeve Gauthier (right) from Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric reached out to Lifetime Networks looking to hire an individual from the Inclusion Works! South Island group. They needed some help around their building, and worked with us to create a custom position for an individual who was looking for work. This position is highly valued by the team, as it involves taking care of a lot of important things around the office that other staff members don’t have time to do, like cleaning the shared conference rooms, making things run smoother on a day-to-day basis.


Employer Appreciation Adriana's with Ben
Ben poses with his employer, Adriana, after performing his original songs

Ben has been working at Adriana’s The Whole Enchilada since he was in high school. He loves his job, and it means so much to him to be earning a paycheck and have his work valued by his coworkers. Adriana has been instrumental in helping Ben to develop his skills and to grow and mature as a young adult.


Lifetime would also like to recognize an additional few employers for their willingness to hire individuals with disabilities:

Red Barn, Oak Bay has employed an individual from Lifetime Networks since shortly after it opened.

JJ Morgan’s Restaurant recently hired an individual to work as an assistant server in their dining room.

Prestige Picture Framing in Oak Bay is currently supporting an individual in an unpaid work experience to learn about the picture framing industry.

Island Nut Roastery in Sidney is preparing to hire an individual who is currently doing a work experience placement.

These are just a few of the businesses that Lifetime Networks has worked with recently through our employment program. There are many more inclusive employers in our community who deserve our recognition. Please consider rewarding these businesses for their fantastic inclusive hiring practices by patronizing them when you can!


Check out our website for a list of other great businesses that have sponsored or supported Lifetime Networks!



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