What We Do

Services for Individuals

At Lifetime Networks, we provide employment services to adults with diverse abilities who face barriers to finding employment. We utilize both classroom based and one-to-one individualized supports to assist individuals to reach their employment goals.

Our job seekers go through an in-depth discovery process that gives us a clear picture of each individual’s strengths and challenges. We use this information to match an individual with appropriate employment opportunities, and to carve out a custom position that is right for them.

We provide our job seekers with an on-site job coach to help with training and integrating into the workplace. We also provide ongoing job monitoring, meaning we will always be here to help navigate the relationship between employer and employee.


Services for Employers

As a job placement service provider, we can help connect you with job-ready candidates who are eager to work and are looking for the right employer to help them reach their goals. We are happy to discuss your hiring and recruitment needs, and help you assess where inclusive hiring practices can help to improve the efficiency of your workplace.

Our specialty is job customization – we assess an unmet need in your workplace and create a new position utilizing the skills of one of our job seekers. This win-win relationship creates a new position for an eager job seeker while increasing your efficiency and reducing the workload of your existing employees.